Though he must have seen the worst of the worse during his time as a missionary in Uganda and Rwanda, 30-year old Chrispin Mukonda’s faith and believe in a loving God is as rock-solid as ever.

Chrispin is currently completing his practical training as a caregiver at the FWC Hospice in Hursthill, Johannesburg. He joined the hospice training programme in 2020 after his return from Uganda. “Though I am from Zambia, my whole family lives in South Africa and that’s why I decided to pursue a career in caregiving here in South Africa.”

“My dad was quite ill and I looked after him for four years, but he passed on in 2017. I suppose that’s when the seed for caregiving was planted, though I first completed my missionary work before entering a caregiving course.”

Chrispin explains that he grew up in the church and he very early on in his life decided to dedicate his life to God and help his fellow brothers and sisters to understand the Word and Work of God. “If there is one lesson I learnt during my time in Uganda, it is the importance of listening to the still voice and to believe         without question that God is there to help, if you ask.”

Nurse Manager, Lucille Dawson, describes Chrispin as a dedicated, hard-working and compassionate student. “I’m proud of him and his achievements. He is a gentle soul and it is clear that care-giving comes from his heart.”

Chrispin Mukonda, caregiver student at FWC Hospice, says that caring for his fellow brother or sister really comes from his heart.

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